Open into Change

Inspired Intuitive Life Coaching with Kezia Renée Lechner

Open into Change

Inspired Intuitive Life Coaching with Kezia Renée Lechner

Dare To Dream


“Daydreams are basic design”
– Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

You were born a creator, and all human physical creations begin as a thought, a vision, a daydream.

Ask yourself, what would you love to have, be, do – if there were no constraints? And if you aren’t sure, spend some time daydreaming, and envisioning yourself doing, being, having a life which makes you feel fulfilled. What does that look like?

If you are already clear, or have become more clear about what you wish to manifest in important areas of your life, write it down, being as specific as you can.

Remember that you are not a solo creator , you are a co-creator, working in concert with the Universe. The more specific you are, the more easily energy can align behind your vision and support it.

Energy follows attention, energy follows intention – so where you put your attention and how specific you are, will help you bring your desires into being.

Place what you have written in a spot where you can see it daily. If you are moved to create a vision board, do so. Speak your desires out loud sometimes, to a friend or to yourself. The vibration of the spoken word has power as well.

Know that your personal timing might not be the Universe’s timing, but do your best to maintain your focus.

Know that although there are certain Universal Laws, I don’t think it is as simple, or as linear as some people who work with the Law of Attraction might have you believe. Your soul, or Higher Self plays a part here, as do a number of other factors.

Know that as soon as you stretch to reach something that often feels out of your comfort zone, the gap between where you are, on many levels, and where you want to be, will show up.

All your fears, your anxieties, your unconscious beliefs – all the patterns and programs you have adopted in this lifetime, will come to the forefront. All the reasons why you can’t do, have, be the things you say you desire will show up, and they will feel real and true!

When they do, to diffuse them, you might try saying – “I’m not going there now, we’ll talk about it in 3 days.” It doesn’t mean that you have to keep that appointment with your fears, but you are doing your best to derail them for the moment.

Of course, there is no substitute for doing deeper healing work by yourself or with a practitioner of your choosing. We have all been subjected to traumas, childhood and otherwise, that affect us on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

Create support – use a coach, or if that isn’t feasible, and a friend and check in weekly. Spend 10 minutes or so checking in and speaking your desires.

And finally, to bring your visions into physical being, action is required. And often that is simply a step by step, organic process. Don’t worry if you can’t see the road ahead.

So what action could you take today to create momentum toward your life’s body of work?